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Shekinah - Divine Mother Goddess


Shekinah - Divine Mother Goddess

SHEKINA Your Divine Mother Goddess As Shekina awakens, her gentle yet dynamic force brings female frequencies to you and your planet. The world needs this balancing frequency at this time, a time of great tribulations.

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I am Shekina, the one flame, the holy mother of creation. The fire that begets the other flames. I am the sister, the grandmother, the mother, the daughter and the child. I am Mother Mary, I am Kuan Yin, I am White Buffalo Calf Women, I am Tara, I am Isis and I am Gaia your earth mother. I am SHEKINA Your Divine Mother Goddess Who is Shekina? Shekina is the female aspect of the highest Source of Creation. She is the divine mother, the original goddess, the female representative of source creation. Shekina, the indwelling one, resides within all of you. Through her you will be able to embody the Christ Consciousness as she awakens the christened female in order for you to merge with the christened male. She is Mary Magdalene with Jesus representing both aspects of creation finally together to bring peace and ascension to all.
It is Shekina's female essence from Source Creation that has manifested in human form in many different ways through saints, avatars, bodhivisitas and deities in both male and female form.

Shekina is the great awakener. If you open your Sacred Heart she will come forth and show herself.

I am here to help you to know yourself.
I am here to assist you in becoming what you already are.
I am here to show you what you already know.

Your Divine Mother Goddess

As Shekina awakens, her gentle yet dynamic force brings female frequencies to you and your planet.

The world needs this balancing frequency at this time, a time of great tribulations.

You have 20 years left before you destroy and pollute your environment to the point of no return.

Your Earth Mother Goddess

Shekina Speaks

Throughout history, I have come in different forms and many different ways, so you could experience this female part of Source Creation. All aspects of God through the Divine Feminine are me, Shekina. It is time for you to welcome this part of Source Creation in your lives and world.


When I, Shekina, come to you through Gaia then it is your planet that needs attention. It time to look at earth and your relationship to her by becoming aware of how you are treating her and your bodies.

When I, Shekina, come to you through Mother Mary then it is time to open your Sacred Heart and allow peace into your life.

When I, Shekina, comes to you as Quan Yin it is time for compassion and understanding for yourself and towards your family.

I, Shekina, appeal to the female aspect of you, so you may know God fully. You are multidimensional beings. It is time that you know your multidimensional God.

I, the Divine Mother Goddess, am here to assist you in the restoration of your true human spirit and bring the embodiment of Christ and his return to all mankind.


It is time for the Light bearers to become The New Man of Light.

Your Divine Mother Goddess

Shekinah is the Sacred Divine Feminine; From the Hebrew Shekina means “indwelling place of God, without her God had no home. Like her Tantric counterpart Shakti, the Shekina was the source of all “soul” in the universe. Shekinah the one flame the Holy Spirit embodies all deities and forms of the Sacred Divine feminine. Shekina is the Blue Ray’s Mentor. You will hear much about Shekinah essnce and flames, She is the forgotten Mary Magdalene, she will bring you your sacred beloved, the one you have been longing to be with. I am SHEKINA, Divine Mother Goddess, the embodiment of Light "the acension" and I will bring my children safely home.I wish you to be nourished by the Holy Spirit by the one flame of the Divine Mother’s heart. My request is that you let God in to your life wherever you feel separate and where your heart longs for peace, healing and love. Divine Mother Shekinah "With both hands in the center of your chest thumbs touch in heart mudra Breath in and out in the heart charka 3 times" Use Heart Mudra anytime you wish to center yourself and feel a higher love of the Divine. Anchoring the Divine Mother Goddess Temple in Your Hearts Divine Mother Goddess SHEKINA, please anchor your love and live in my heart now, illuminate my souls true essence. I relinquish all illusions that ever existed in becoming the sacred covenant of your love in form now. I receive my Christ body, the embodiment of my true essence now! {breath} Heal all turmoil that my heart has ever known, restore its truth, Love, harmony and beauty Heal all misconceptions that I hold that exists in relationship to your love, to my soul, to my body, and to all souls and earth. Mother Goddess please heal my Divine sacred Feminine and let your essence be restore in me, in all souls and on earth.
I breath life into my sacred heart and awaken the Divine Mother Temple of my soul now!
{Breath deeply} I open my heart with your sacred sound and I embody the Light!!
“the Mothers mantra” Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

It is my ministy and great love, the healing of the Divine Feminine Principal of Creation - thank you for taking the time - Shekinah

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Comment by Vicky♥♥♥ on April 14, 2009 at 11:36am

I am grateful you dear bright Light and rainbow rays of Love, beloved David for your service...may we all embrace in joy the ultimate harmony, peace om this beautiful blue planet Gaia. MM♥♥♥
Comment by Kaja on April 13, 2009 at 11:34am
Thank for initation and I am glad to be here:)
Comment by JoeAnne on April 6, 2009 at 10:52pm
We who collectively represent the divine feminine aspect of a Christed being gather together to join our brothers and sisters of the light. May we breathe love and light into beloved gaia, may this earth be restored to full balance, and may love reside once more. Namaste, Johanna
Comment by Yvonne Almore on April 6, 2009 at 5:47am
Thank you for this wonderful invitation.
Comment by Doug on April 6, 2009 at 4:59am
Shekina Messenger of Divine Mother Goddess & Angelic Star tribes - Healer - Artist- Teacher - Spiritual Performer - Visionary - Blue Ray channel in the

Ancient Sound Transmission - "God Code Awakening" Ascend Masters Activation of your "Original Divine Blue Print".
Many have received instant healing and awakening from the sacred sound transmissions in the language of Light, the Angelic Language of Creation
by Shekina - Angelic Divine Messenger of the Archangels & Divine Mother Goddess & Language of Light - Healer - Performer- Artist



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