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Twin Flame Activation

by Birgit Andersen

Dear Friends

So many will meet with Twin Flame Love here in this spring months of April and May. Here are channeled activation for Twin Flames. It is such a beautiful time to be alive, for love increases in every human heart,

Join in this activation process, The Activation of the 5 Golden Keys to Spirit Twin Flame Energy.
This is a 5 step activation and the dates for activation are given from University of Spirit Knowledge.

1. step. 30 of March 2010, at 5 pm

This step gives you divine oneness with your inner spirit energy. You will feel you are balanced in your inner organs, your chakras will be aligned into oneness thus you are able to really feel your own inner oneness manifesting into every plane of your being. You are supported by Mother Mary and her Angels. The Energy here is pink and golden in one flame.

2. step. 13 of April 2010, at 5 pm

This step emerges your feminine and masculine energy into oneness. Thus you will be able to align yourself with the Divine Mother and the Divine Father in the energy of Universal Oneness, given from The Heart of God. This is the energy that you left behind when you decided to leave your home environment of Universal Beauty. Here you are supported by Divine Spirit Twin Flame pairs.

3. step. 23 of April 2010, at 5 pm

This step will align you with your Divine Purpose, the work you will do with your spirit twin flame partner. You will be shown a Light that can give you entrance to Universal Divinity Bridge of Knowledge, transferring knowledge from Universities of Light into your intuitive brain laps. You will be given a
Diamond Light in your third eye, which will provide for you Divine Clarity. Thus your thought will be in oneness with your heart. This is a Blue Ray Activation, supported by Angels from The Blue Ray emerging into golden rays of Divine Councils.

4. step. 3 of May 2010, at 5 pm

This step will give you entrance to the Heart of your Twin Flame. There will be build a Divine Bridge between the two hearts. One Time these Hearts were ONE HEART, then separation came on the hearts, and the two of them kept searching for each other, as to share Oneness. This will take place on the esoteric sphere, but felt deeply in each party. There will be built a Divine Bridge between every Twin Flame Energy in Universe. Here you will be supported by Angels from the Golden Ray.

5 step. 13 of May 2010, at 5 pm

This step is the manifestation into physical realm. You will hear the calling of every twin flame in incarnation on this physical 3D Earth. Thus new relationships will be formed in the physical sphere, both groups of Two, and Groups of Many. The Twin Flame Energy will then be very active on Earth, and we will see a lot of new projects manifest over the Summer of 2010.

When you read this, feel in your heart, if this resonates with you. Join and be happy for you will experience soul wholeness during this 5 step process. You will feel blessed that you as an old soul working for the Greater Good of Universal Peace are able to recognize yourself, acknowledge your own divinity, your own Greatness, for you cannot be emerged into oneness with a physical Twin Flame Partner as long as you do not align with God in you.

This was given to me through Universal Wisdom Councils.

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THIS IS SO TRUE... i do felt my heart and soul.. May,.16,, my full manifestation.. i was crying then,,

then i called a help to my psychic friend,, then she read the aura of my Long lost love.. then she revealed,, that that person was my twinflame.. OMG,, that is way,, no one can ever supersede of what we had..after 6yrs,, now

the feeling was so strong,, i did what ever i can just to find and get connected again. yes i found him.. but there karma issue i think between us..

i also humbled my self for him... i said what i like to say,,

recently i'm about to leave him. to move on.. and half way forget him again,, ignore the feelings..

but when i read the twin flame blog here in the site. i was overwhelmed to love him more and to love my self more. to mirror everything..  







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