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Your essence is that of a star and right now on earth, you are building a human body of light. Your DNA is evolving, shifting, opening and upgrading... Know that this process is as natrual as any other growth cycle we may go through. As lightworkers, it is our mission to work with this light to help humanity reach higher levels of consciousness, and opening our heart to love. Begin to use your ability to work with light daily to help increase the earth's awakening process much more rapidly. If you are having troubles in your day to day life, send light to the situation.

You can send light to absolutely everything to help raise the vibration of all. Know that this light you send out will also come back to you many fold. This light is powerful stuff, it shifts energy from being dense to fine and high vibrations and light is a power way to transcend much of which is wighting your energy down, keeping you trapped from moving forward. If you are a 'lightworker/starseed' then you know this power very well. The more you connect with light, the easier it will be to more into your Higher Self and experience love and unity. You are a being of radiant light and you came here as that way-showers for the rest of humanity to follow. This is our natrual, infinite and true state of being. know that you are valued and loved for all that you do right now to assist the earth and all beings.

I AM sending you pure golden flames of golden/pink light from my heart to yours. We are connected and we are ONE.

~ Abigail Wainwright

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